Blinkist: 15min Book Insights

Blinkist: 15min Book Insights

От Blinks Labs

  • Категория: Education
  • Дата релиза: 2013-11-13
  • Текeofя версия: 6.26.1
  • Взрастной ценз: 12+
  • Размер файла: 89.31 MB
  • Разработчик: Blinks Labs
  • Совместимость: Требования iOS 13.0 или новее.
Балов: 4.69916
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Where do the world’s smartest people get their ideas? From great books & podcasts! Blinkist transforms the key insights of 4,500+ bestselling nonfiction books & popular podcasts into powerful explainers you can read or listen to in 15 minutes. Over 15 million users use us as a tool on the most valuable & challenging journey known: reaching their potential. GET THE KEY INSIGHTS FROM 4,500+ BESTSELLING NONFICTION BOOKS & PODCASTS • Blinks: Read & listen to insights from top titles in 15 min • Shortcasts: Get to the heart of popular podcasts in 15 min • Sharpen your professional skills with the best business books & podcasts • Grow with the most impactful self-improvement titles & shows • Discover new perspectives with bestsellers on economics, science, history & culture • Find inspiration with the latest trends & ideas in your professional field ENJOY BOTH AUDIO & TEXT • Listen to audible versions of our book insights to easily fit learning into your day • Create your personal audio book library to customize your learning experience • Learn hands-free at the gym, in the car, or doing chores with Autoplay • Download book & podcast key insights, audiobooks to listen offline SAVE UP TO 65% ON FULL-LENGTH AUDIOBOOKS • Get access to 4000+ of nonfiction audiobooks at a special discounted price • Listen to audiobooks like "Sapiens", "The Art of War" or "The 5 AM Club" ENJOY PERSONALIZED RECOMMENDATIONS & EXPERT-CURATED LISTS • Always know what to read or listen to next—we’ll suggest titles based on your interests & history • Discover new ideas & find motivation with suggested books curated by experts BENEFIT FROM A HUMAN TOUCH • Focus only on top nonfiction books—our editorial team carefully selects every book • Listen to Shortcasts created with the podcast creators for exclusive insights • Enjoy lovingly written summaries of key ideas by experts with a passion for explaining complex topics in simple, beautiful language LEARN THE WAY SCIENCE INTENDED • Thanks to a format based on neuroscientific research you'll quickly make headway • Understand easily through crystal clear language & short, powerful content ------------------------------ Get right to the heart of popular podcasts & hidden gems with our exclusive Shortcasts—15min key insights from podcasts produced in collaboration with podcast creators! — IN THE PRESS "Blinkist is an intriguing new app that encourages you to read more nonfiction books... It’s a fun and fascinating way to discover new and interesting topics” -The New York Times “There is no such thing as too much knowledge. If you would like to expand your horizons, but don’t have the time to read, Blinkist is a speedy and convenient way of learning” -TheNextWeb "Blinkist offers a terrific service—great ideas distilled down to their very essence. For those of us who are deeply curious about new ideas on success, happiness, innovation, progress and more, it’s a great start." -Forbes “The audio feature is an awesome way to dive into a book while folding laundry or cooking a meal.” -BuzzFeed — HOW IT WORKS: Getting started is simple. Download the Blinkist app now & sign up for a free 7-day trial. We have monthly & annual plans available. With Blinkist Premium you’ll have access to: • 4,500+ key insight summaries • audible versions of all book key insights • full-length audiobooks at a special member price • personalized recommendations from the Blinkist editors • all formats audible offline: book & podcast key insights, plus audiobooks • a send-to-Kindle feature • syncing your highlights with Evernote If you choose the Blinkist Basic plan you can still read 1 title selected by us, every day. Ready to make headway? Download Blinkist today! Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: Questions? Suggestions? Speak to a real person at Blinkist! Our trusty customer support team is just an email away—simply write to



  • It’s an amazing app

    От Sh1p
    Guys, just please ADD play/pause pushbutton in the Reading Mode!
  • Скатилось и радуется

    От dmityr93kh
    Приложение, которое иногда давало инсайты из книг по улучшению качества жизни, осознанности и разумного подхода, теперь окончательно скатилось до уровня помойного таблоида. Открываю раз в две недели и вижу только повестку из телевизора и газет-хайпожоров: — как афроамериканцам тяжело в Европе найти работу после уголовной ответственности; — как женщинам тяжело в жизни из-за коварных белых мужчин; — как женщин, противостоящий общей повестке, следует считать предательницами рода человеческого (который нормальный, без мужчин); — как тяжело трансгендерам получать пособия на гормональную терапию от государства; — как ограниченные физические возможности мешают работать журналистом и почему это показатель важности журналистики... Серьезно? Вот на это вы заменили Хокинга, Харари и Ферриса?
  • Very expensive

    От milshin
    Hi there, guys I understand you’re working too much on it but please, think of people are out of your country, your prices are so high so I can’t afford to spend so much, please come up with smth
  • Changes too mainstream

    От Shedevralen
    There used to be free summaries of some books about how to improve your life but now they are gone. There are free books with hashtag “black lives matter” now only. Please enough!!! I am afraid to open my fridge, maybe this annoying tag will wait me there too. Enough is enough, every single resource shouts about it. I am not interested, thank you.
  • amazing, BUT

    От shrsfhetjsthst
    amazing app, BUT I WANT RUSSIAN please, add Russian language, a then it will be more useful
  • Icons of the books

    Dear developers, First of all thank you for this incredible tool that saves time to all of us. I know how you working hard on it. My only suggestion as user would be to change the icons of the books. Now, the colorful frame around each of the book makes it not easily noticeable, which is especially hurting when you have many books in your library. Thank you for your understanding and all the best to the Blinkist team !
  • Premium free (temporarily)

    От Vladimir_Iarshikov
    I just want to thank the developers for allowing premium to be free in a time of global health crisis. It really means a lot to us users.
  • Refund my money

    От Sales2510
    I wanted to buy a subscription for a month, after the free period. I was charged for a year's subscription. Please return the money! Thank you in advance!
  • Overall great experience

    От SergeyK.
    Please add the ability to browse the app while listening to blinks. Now they just pause when you ‘minimize’ blink screen. Kinda frustrating.
  • Useless without subscribe

    От KaronatoR
    Only way to use this app is subscribe and pay...