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Plane Finder ⁃ Flight Tracker

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Uncover the mysteries of live air traffic in one beautiful and easy to use app. Is it a bird? Is it a plane?! If it’s the latter, Plane Finder can tell you exactly which plane it is. Plane Finder is incredibly easy to use and utterly fascinating. It enables you to see live air traffic patterns with real-time tracking of almost any plane you’re interested in, and in addition to the aircraft’s location you can see its current altitude, its speed and where it’s heading. Get live information on flights - super handy when travelling. You can even be alerted when a particular flight is heading your way, which is useful if you’re trying to catch sight of rare birds such as the Airbus A380. Switch to incredible 3D flight tracking anytime from any aircraft, airport or location on the map seamlessly to view air traffic as never before. There’s a superb augmented-reality option that enables you to point your camera at the sky and see details of the aircraft that’s overhead, and with full support for iOS’s Dark Mode it’s just as handy for night flights as it is for daytime ones. It’s all great fun, but it’s also very practical: in addition to flight tracking there’s extensive airport information, which supplements live arrival and departures with live weather reports for hundreds of airports. Enjoy Plane Finder’s leading edge design as featured in Apple’s “The Power of Dark Mode” and “See it in Dark Mode” Collections 2019. Apple’s App of The Day – Jan 2020 and Top ranking since 2009. Plane Finder is also featured in Gizmodo, CNN, GMA, BBC, Sunday Times, Mail on Sunday, CNET, Wired, GQ Magazine to name a few. Trusted by friends and families of travellers, enthusiasts, pilots, cabin crew and aviation professionals alike. Choose Plane Finder for: • Live Global Flight Tracking Quickly find and track flights live on a map and explore live status information • Switch to 3D Tracking Anytime Flip instantly to 3D from any aircraft, airport or location on the map • Live AR Mode Point your camera at a plane in the sky to instantly reveal live flight and aircraft information • Live Airport Information View real time airport arrival and departure boards plus terminal, gate, baggage and weather information • Comprehensive Technical Data Dig deeper into technical aircraft and flight data • Unlimited Custom Alerts Never miss a flight, create as many custom notifications as you like and stay informed • Unlimited Global Playback Replay interesting flights and watch fascinating air traffic patterns back to 2011 • Unlimited Filters Simplify your view with powerful filters • Custom Aircraft Labels Choose the position, colour and content of aircraft labels inc. logo with text label • Leading Edge Dark Mode Adopt dark mode, a bold interface perfect for low light • Curated Map Styles Switch seamlessly between simple, detailed, hybrid and satellite maps Help and Support Plane Finder is regularly updated with innovative new features. Please email with any questions or queries, we are happy to help. How does Plane Finder work? Plane Finder receives real time ADS-B and MLAT signals sent by aircraft to transmit their positional data to land based receivers. This technology is faster than traditional radar and is used for air traffic control and navigation. You can check our worldwide flight tracking coverage for free at Disclaimer The use of the information presented using Plane Finder is strictly limited to pursuing enthusiast activities (i.e. for entertainment purposes), which specifically exclude any activities that might endanger yourself or the lives of others. Under no circumstances will the developer of this application be held responsible for incidents resulting from the use of the data or its interpretation or its use contrary to this agreement. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:



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    I already pay for ad remove!!! Why you update and now I must pay again? Again! And again!!! Back my money!!!!!!!!
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    Разводняк: первые 5 самолетов доступны к просмотру с полной информацией о полете, модели самолета и даже отслеживать по карте в реальном времени можно. Но потом вся инфа доступна исключительно в платной версии
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    Во многих местах совсем пусто. На Дальнем Востоке вообще нет самолётов. Они летят, а на карте их нету.
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