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Adrijo is derived from the combination of the Italian word ADRIATICO and the Croatian JADRANSKO. It describes a sea – the Adriatic – that unites two cultural identities as well as two shores. Here there exists a supranational Adriatic citizenship in which peoples, nations, languages, cultures, and knowledge come together and thrive. Adrijo is the name given by the partners of the REMEMBER project to the Cultural Network of the Ports of the Adriatic, established to preserve and promote their common cultural and maritime heritage, a heritage of monuments and of tangible and intangible skills, of 8 Italian and Croatian ports – Ancona, Ravenna, Venice, Trieste, Rijeka, Zadar, Split, and Dubrovnik – by means of an interactive digital portal. With Adrijo, the partners of the REMEMBER project have launched a process of rediscovery and enhancement of the historical, cultural, and political ties that unite ports, cities, and territories – traditions connected to the sea, to local culture, society, and economy, that are the motor for development and innovation.