Силовой тренинг для женщин

Силовой тренинг для женщин

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Weight training for women can be hugely beneficial. Strength training doesn’t just help you get strong and feel sturdy. It's also good for heart health, can lower cholesterol, help with posture and keep your metabolism ticking over as muscle tissue is more metabolically active than fatty tissue. This means your body will burn more energy at rest the more muscle tissue you have. Although strength training can get your heart pumping when you’re new to it or when you start lifting heavy, you’ll find the rest periods between sets and the focus required can actually help you to be more mindful and feel less stressed. In this app, we’ll be taking you on the journey from plucking up the courage to enter the weights room in the first place to all the lingo you need to learn. Strength can be built daily, from using your own bodyweight to progressing into using kettlebells, dumbbells and all the kit in the gym. You will see the biggest development within the first few weeks as your body adapts to new stimuli.