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  • Дата релиза: 2023-03-18
  • Текeofя версия: 1.0.1
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Take control of your business by turning it into a going concern with repeatable assembly-line workflows that reliably deliver predictable results. FREE WORKFLOW APP Pneumatic empowers fast-growing startups by offering a workflow solution previously available only to Fortune 500. It helps previously underserved small businesses and remote teams to gain access to the same toolset used by large enterprise companies. Most of the features are also available in our free plan. Pneumatic's free plan is not just a limited-time trial but a fully-functional tool good for up to five people. PNEUMATIC ON THE GO The app lets you stay in touch with your team at all times: get notifications, view all your tasks, open the Pneumatic app to complete tasks, invite team members, and view your workflows and dashboard. The app puts all of Pneumatic's functionality at your fingertips. RELAY RACE Assembly line workflows are all about passing the baton: a workflow is a sequence of tasks in which each subsequent task gets assigned to a team of performers once the previous task in the sequence has been completed. All the relevant information gets passed down from one stage to the next through workflow variables. Multiple teams work on the same workflow as it passes from stage to stage. RUN NEW WORKFLOWS Run new workflows from existing templates: fill out the kick-off form and click run. The first step in the process will immediately get assigned to relevant performers, and the relay race along the assembly line will begin. KNOW WHAT TO DO AT ALL TIMES Pneumatic automatically routes tasks to performers based on the underlying templates. You have your bucket of tasks; as you complete them, they disappear from your bucket as the workflow gets handed over to the next team in the sequence. To help you focus, you only see the tasks assigned to you. You know what you are supposed to be doing at any time. Just open the app, see your tasks, and read the notifications. KEEP TRACK OF PROGRESS If you manage several workflows, you can easily keep track of progress on each one of them through the workflows view. See which stage each workflow is at; tap on a tile to see the log for the workflow, including all the uploaded files and comments your team added. ACCESS KEY WORKFLOW AND TASK METRICS Open the task or workflow dashboard to see all the key metrics, such as how many workflows were started, how many were in progress, and how many were completed in a given period of time. Drill down into any workflow type and any task. GET THE LATEST SCOOP Get the latest on what your team's been up to in the Highlights: see the latest activity broken down by team member, workflow template, and period.