Тренировки солдат в армии

Тренировки солдат в армии

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Want to build strength like the world's fighting elite? Here are multiple military workouts you can sweat through today. When you’re a soldier, being in shape isn’t a choice - it’s a requirement. You need to be someone your unit can depend on - it’s a matter of life or death. That’s why soldiers, in addition to police officers and firefighters, are considered tactical athletes. When your job puts lives on the line, you need to be fit. For hundreds of years, the armed forces have been engaging in specialized exercise routines. They do this to keep the soldiers strong and ready to perform at optimum levels whenever called upon. There are some military exercises that you too can adopt and perform daily at your home so as to achieve fitness and wellness. Soldiers in the Army need to be fit and capable to carry out their duties, whether they're a rear-echelon soldier, a transportation specialist, a cook, or headed to the front line. That means everyone needs to maintain a certain level of fitness, and they do so through a finely tuned system of physical training, or PT.