Упражнения со штангой

Упражнения со штангой

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You could do bodyweight exercises from now until forever, but to truly reach your strength potential, you’ll want to use free weights. And when it comes to strength training, a barbell is one heck of an effective tool. We’re talking nothing but a steel bar and some plates. The barbell functionally challenges your muscles, joints, and balance all at once, and studies have shown it can lead to significant strength gains in as little as 4 weeks. You will find barbell training programs perfect for getting started with effective strength training. The prerequisite for the programs is that you are healthy, and are willing to spend time learning to perform the exercises correctly, in order to be able to train safely and injury-free while you build muscle and become stronger. This training program has three workouts per week, and in every workout, you will be training most of your major muscle groups. Full-body workouts, where you train most of your major muscle groups several times per week, are by far the most effective way for a beginner to quickly build muscle and gain strength. Three full-body workouts per week are perfect for the beginner. It provides frequent stimuli for your muscles to grow, while still giving you long enough rest between workouts to recover. Whether you are training to get stronger, build muscle, or lose fat, a full-body routine with three barbell workouts per week is one of the best strength training programs you can choose as a beginner.