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Welcome to SEAQR!
 Australia’s Ultimate Business Promotion Platform! SEAQR offers businesses and consumers access to a major network which grows with every new signup. Unlike social media platforms that enable individuals to promote their products and services to an online audience, SEAQR uses its app to directly connect small to medium sized businesses to a vast customer base. This is achieved through business’ ability to send users a selection of discounts, promotions, and in-store specials, which can be redeemed upon scanning or tapping their mobile device on our conveniently placed hubs. Using pre-existing technology, we generate QR codes and program our hubs to automatically give customers access to promotions, Wi-Fi, and rewards. Through simply taping or scanning their mobile device(s) we can improve the customer experience by making it easier, faster, and safer. SEAQR Works in 3 Simple Steps 1. Tap The NFC Or Scan The QR Code 
Connect to the nearest network by locating a SEAQR connection hub in participating stores.
 2. Sign Up (if not logged in)
 Register a SEAQR account by entering the required details on the pop-up browser.
 3. Connect!
 Gain access to the business’ Wi-Fi without entering a password in the matter of seconds. For Businesses Our pricing is very competitive within the advertising space. Not only are we providing you with a platform to connect to new customers, but we are also aiming to assist businesses in recovering financially, following lockdown restrictions. If you are interested in trialling SEAQR in your business, simply head to our website and create a SEAQR Vendor Profile and our sales representatives will be in contact shortly to discuss your requirements!