Красивые ноги и ягодицы

Красивые ноги и ягодицы

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Your glutes, hips and thighs includes some of the most important, and powerful, muscles in the human body. Aside from wanting a firm, shapely butt, it's important to train your lower body simply because they're involved in so many movements. Sit, stand, squat and walk and your glutes are working, and think about how many times you do that in one day. Strength training exercises not only make you stronger for daily activities, they can also make you strong for other activities like running, walking, working in the yard and climbing stairs. Working these muscles means you'll not only build strength and lean-muscle tissue, but you'll also burn more calories. If you were to survey a handful of women about the areas they’d most like to tone, the butt and thighs would probably rate highly. And while looking fantastic from behind is always appealing, a strong butt and thighs are really important for overall fitness and stability. Strengthening the butt and thighs can reduce back pain, improve posture, strengthen your pelvis and reduce knee and ankle strain. Incorporating exercises that target the lower body also increases overall body strength and function to support daily movements such as bending, lifting, twisting and moving. The exercises we’ve selected are fantastic for tightening and toning your bottom and thighs and can be done from the comfort of your own home.