ChapterBuilder V2

ChapterBuilder V2

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  • Категория: Productivity
  • Дата релиза: 2021-01-10
  • Текeofя версия: 1.0
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  • Разработчик: TechniPhi, Inc
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Welcome to the new ChapterBuilder! *Note* This iOS App connects to your chapter’s account(s) at We believe that more high quality people in fraternities and sororities will make the world a better place. ChapterBuilder is recruitment management technology built by fraternity/sorority experts to improve the quantity and quality of your growing membership. Across nearly every industry where growth is a strategic priority there is one common tool – a Names List. Sales forces, fundraising teams, admissions department, volunteer committees, professional sports teams, corporate recruiters, religious groups, even political parties all use an industry-specific CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology solution. The fraternity/sorority industry has been operating way behind the curve. But, no longer! We’re excited to bring the first CRM solution to Greek Life. Chapter builder makes recruitment: EASIER ORGANIZED YEAR-ROUND FOCUSED ON RELATIONSHIPS WITH THE PROSPECTS ChapterBuilder is like nothing that’s ever been available within the fraternity/sorority market: - Relationship Management with potential new members. Not just rush/formal recruitment management. - Identify and measure Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that actually drive results. - Transparency and Access. See every prospect in the process, and track their relationships with the chapter in real time. - User-friendly Interface. Clean, simple, intuitive. - Alerts and Reminders. Prospects will never fall through the cracks again. - Customizable. Make it look, feel, and function like it is uniquely yours – because it is. - Simple and Organized. Recruitment should not be hard. The technology behind recruitment should be even easier. - Interactive dashboard gives recruitment leaders and coaches the power of real time information and data-driven decision making. - Features - Features - Features. Task assignments, chat windows, scaled email/texting options, prospect sorting, notifications, and more.