5x5 Weight Lifting Workout

5x5 Weight Lifting Workout

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The 5x5 Weight Lifting Technique; a simple but effective way to build strength and muscle mass. ● 3 workouts a week, 3 compound exercises per workout, only 45 minutes long. ● 5 repetitions of 5 sets for each exercise, adapting the weight to your level ● Weekly weight increase for each exercise ● Start with a workout by default or choose your exercises among a list of 10 compound workouts: Squat, Deadlift, Barbell Lunges, Bench Press, Inclines Bench Press, Barbell Row, High-pull, T-bar Row, Power Clean, Overhead Press We chose to add various compound exercises so you can vary workouts, and still build strength and muscle mass. You won't have to repeat any exercises for a whole week, as opposed to other 5x5 weight lifting apps. Results have been proven time and time again over decades, starting with Mark Berry's original 5x5 in the 1930s, Reg Park in the 1950s, Bill Starr in the 1970s, and the many versions you see today. ● Full-body workouts that target every muscle with only 3 exercises ● Free weight, barbell exercises you can do in every gym - no need to wait for a specific machine. ● Easy exercises that teach you to master proper form ● Progressive weekly weight increase ● Rest days for optimal recovery and muscle mass building ● Warm-up and stretches to stay injury-free Upgrade to the Premium version to get better results and stay injury-free. Once you've chosen your subscription and confirmed your order, the payment will be charged to your account, adjusted to the right price for your country. Your subscription will automatically renew at its end date. You can stop the automatic renewal at any time. To avoid the renewal, cancel it at least 24h before the end date of your subscription. No refund is available for unused time. Terms & conditions: https://www.applicationiphone.info/green-tomato-media-5x5-weightlifting-app-terms-conditions/ Privacy policy: https://www.applicationiphone.info/green-tomato-media-5x5-weightlifting-app-privacy-policy/