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Bringing Stories to Life in American Sign Language: The Whole Story Approach Reading with children in American Sign Language (ASL) through the whole story approach unlocks the door to the world of words and its meanings in visual landscape of stories. Reading with your child promotes literacy and communication development during the critical period of child's development from age 0 to 5 years old. Sign Language uses certain parts of your brain where speaking with voice uses different parts of the brain which leads to expansion of child's cognitive abilities and more! Just imagine communicating with your child before they talk with their voice! It is a reward in itself. Download the app and start communicating with your child, with your hands, facial expressions, and witness firsthand of your child's joy, laughter, curiosity, hands and voice babbling, and more! -Signing with child -American Sign Language -Reading -Babies -Children -ASL Stories -Storybook -Learning ASL Terms of use: Privacy policy: