От Patryk Ptasinski

  • Категория: Games
  • Дата релиза: 2021-10-13
  • Текeofя версия: 3.2110.102214
  • Взрастной ценз: 4+
  • Размер файла: 13.46 MB
  • Разработчик: Patryk Ptasinski
  • Совместимость: Требования iOS 11.0 или новее.


Alphatrix is a zero-gravity brain puzzle game with a story that takes place in space. Pinn tries to reach the center of the galaxy while in zero gravity. Once he starts moving, he can only stop at other stations on the way. Your goal in the game is to move the red square around the board to reach the center. But it’s not as easy as it seems. Once the square starts moving it can only stop on other squares. You can move any color square in the game. You will face 40 hand-crafted levels that will challenge Your problem-solving skills like never before. Game usually takes 3-4 hours to solve. And it is enjoyable to replay it many times especially while commuting or waiting for an appointment. It includes music and tutorial and about section. Alphatrix created by ipepe(Patryk Ptasiński) is a distribution of Gravitron that was made by Neko250 (Carlos Aguilar).