Did You Know?

Did You Know?

От Viyatek

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*Have you ever wanted to learn new amazing facts regularly every day and increase your general knowledge? *And have you ever decided to do so; but give up learning after a while like many of us? *Wouldn’t it be marvelous if you had the chance to learn interesting facts regularly every day? *And wouldn’t it be excellent if you decided what, when and how many you want to learn? So here’s the good news: You can do it all with this “Did You Know” app? What Is “Did You Know” “Did you know” is a ”general knowledge – interesting facts / fun facts” app that helps you learn new amazing facts every day, even if you forget to do so. The idea is simple: You decide what to learn (among 20+ topics), when to learn and how many things to learn every day. And that’s it! Relax and go back to work. “Did You Know” will take care of the rest. You will soon start to learn new fun facts. Let’s say you have chosen to learn 5 new facts from History, Nature, Science, Music and Human Body on each day. And you only want to learn during morning and evening periods (because you’re at work in the afternoon ;)). So here is what’s going to happen: At random times during morning and evening periods (never exceeding 5 times a day), you are going to receive notifications, each one telling you about an interesting fact. If you want to learn more about the fact, you can simply click on the notification and view it in the app. And if you want, you can add the fact to your favorites and repeat them anytime you want by clicking the yellow star... Well,​ it’s actually orange ;)… And last but not least, you can discover all the important events, births and deaths in the “Today In History” section. You may also click the link at the bottom of the screen and find out more on Wikipedia. That’s It! Simple enough. You have made your dream come true. You will learn new cool fun facts selected from a database of over 20+ topics and 1900+ facts (we continuously increase these numbers with updates). And you will do it every day. Happy learning :)