Captime - Crossfit Timer

Captime - Crossfit Timer

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THE ALL-IN-ONE TIMER FOR CROSSFIT AND HIIT ENTHUSIASTS *** The first and only app with timer video recording feature *** Achieve spectacular results in your workouts with Captime - CrossFit Timer. Our feature-rich, yet simple-to-use timer allows you to follow and complete your workouts effectively. With customized timers for CrossFit, HIIT, AMRAP, TABATA, EMOM, SALLY and VIDEO recording for CrossFit games, it’s one of the handiest timers you will ever use. View your remaining time with the large bold numbers, or listen to the round change with the loud sound beeps with adjustable volume. Download now to work out like a pro with Captime – CrossFit Timer! ► 6 TIMERS IN ONE APP ◉ Tabata timer: Enjoy a preset Tabata timer with 10 seconds rest and 20 seconds workout time. Also, with the TABATA round and know when to pause or work out with the loud sound indicators. ◉ AMRAP timer: Select Up or Down and set the minutes and seconds that suit your workouts. ◉ EMOM timer: Set minutes and select E1MOM, E2MOM, E3MOM, E4MOM etc. ◉ Interval timer: Set rounds, and time for each interval. ◉ For Time workout timer: Scream “TIME” or “STOP” to stop the timer when your workout is done. Also scream “ROUND” to count your rounds/reps during your AMRAP (soon). ◉ SALLY Timer: Simple SALLY song adjusted timer for your sally challenges. ◉ Clock: view a simple clock with Captime design. ►NOW WITH VIDEO RECORDING FEATURE
 Unlike most timer apps that offer just customizable timers, Captime now offers a video recording feature. This allows you to record a video with your timer, which is extremely useful for CrossFit games. ►CUSTOMIZE OUR TIMER APP Captime was designed based on the individuality of the professional athletes, and workout enthusiasts. That’s why in the latest update of our timer app, we integrated advanced customization features that will allow you to adjust the timer according to your needs. Now you can: - customize the beep sound of the timer and select from a range of different sounds - turn on/off a ticking sound to your timer. - turn on/off screen flash or flashlight when you need to change around - change sound volume ►Captime - CrossFit Timer features: • Simple UI with large bold letters • Tabata, AMRAP, EMOM, Interval, Sally, For Time timers, HIIT • Display a regular Captime clock • Record video with timer • Customize the timer’s beeping sounds and volume • Turn on screen or flashlight to change round • Voice recognizer to start or stop your timer Now it’s time to crush your workout goals and achieve the best results with this professional timer app. Whether you're working out at home, or the gym, Captime allows you effective workouts! >>> Get Captime - Crossfit Timer for FREE! ------ CONTACT: We are working hard to improve our app every day. That’s why if you have any queries or feature suggestions, please contact us within the app in setting → suggest it will open chat with us. Until then, work hard, play hard and look wonderful with a PRO CrossFit timer in your pocket 24/7. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: