Marbel Fruits - PreSchool Learning Apps

Marbel Fruits - PreSchool Learning Apps


  • Категория: Education
  • Дата релиза: 2016-02-12
  • Текeofя версия: 1.0
  • Взрастной ценз: 4+
  • Размер файла: 38.89 MB
  • Совместимость: Требования iOS 5.1.1 или новее.


Marbel Fruits is an education application for kids to learn about fruits, either domestic fruits or fruits from other countries. Come on Moms, let's introduce kind of fruits for your kids. Throughout Marbel Fruits, learning fruits will be more fun. After learning, kids are able to play some edu-games to test their study. How good is their study? Let's check them out by playing Marbel Fruits. Marbel combines learning and playing at the same time in order to make learning more fun. The materials are set attractive by displaying a nice pictures, narration, and animation. Later on, kids can play edu-games. Special Features: # Learning about fruits in auto mode # Learning about fruits in manual mode # Learning 33 fruits # Learning name of fruits # Cool pictures and animations # Narration to help kids whose not able to read Five Educational games # Cooking # Pop Quiz # Memory Match # Categorize Fruits # Jumbled Letters This application is categorized as kids application, education application, educational games, book, interactive learning, toddler and preschool learning. About Marbel Marbel is educational application especially for kids aged 2-8 y.o. Throughout Marbel, Kids learn a lot of stuff in fun way. It helps kids recognizing a new stuff such as vegetables, fruits, animals, transportations, and many more. The most interesting is that Marbel has a lot of educational games, such as, pop quiz, memorize, etc. It was equipped with cool pictures, great animations, original music, and also narration to help kids who still get difficulties in reading. We would appreciate your critics and suggestion. Don't be hesitate to send it to: #Email: More information about MARBEL: # Website: # Facebook: # Twitter: @educastudio Marbel is suitable for moms who love to company their kids learning. Not only fun, kids also get knowledge . Studying while playing? Why not? Get Marbel installed in your tablet and smartphone right now.